Montana Voter Guide

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Ballot Initiatives

The following proposals are scheduled to appear on the November 6, 2012 general election ballot:

    Legislative Referendum 120 (LR120)
  1. Legislative Referendum 120 (LR120) will require an abortion provider to notify a parent or guardian at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on a girl under 16 years of age. Notification is not required when there is a medical emergency; when it is waived by order of a youth court; or when the parent or guardian waives the notification requirement.
  2. Many Montana voters are surprised to learn that under current state law, a girl of any age – even 12 or 13 – can be taken for an abortion, and her parents are not even required to be informed of the procedure. Yet a minor in Montana cannot get a tattoo or a body piercing without a parent’s permission. In school, a child can’t get an aspirin or go on a field trip without a parent’s OK.
  3. By voting FOR Legislative Referendum 120, voters can restore common sense to Montana law. There are 37 states that already have similar laws on the books, requiring either parental consent or notification before a minor’s abortion. Every state bordering Montana has such a law.
  4. The failure to involve parents in this decision can be very dangerous for the health of teenage girls. An abortion procedure involves invasive surgery, the use of powerful drugs, or both. Typical complications that can occur after an abortion include hemorrhaging, infection, cervical damage, and perforation of the uterus. Parents are responsible for the health and well being of their children. But when parents don’t even know that an abortion has occurred, it can cripple their ability to ensure their daughter receives proper follow-up care.
  5. Keeping parents informed can also help prevent another serious problem – the sexual abuse and coercion of minors. In a frightening number of cases, young teenage girls are impregnated by abusive boyfriends or older men who are committing the crime of statutory rape. These perpetrators often take the girls for secret abortions – thus covering up the evidence of their crime. When parents are kept out of the loop, they can’t do anything to protect their young daughter. But if they’re informed, there is a chance that the cycle of abuse can be ended.
  6. Of course, people have different views about abortion in general. But all sides should be able to agree on this simple proposition: an immature, frightened girl who may be as young as 12 or 13 shouldn’t be making such a critical decision without the benefit of the wisdom, counsel, and love of the people who care most about her future – her parents.
  7. A vote FOR Legislative Referendum 120 will protect a parent’s right to know, so they can carry out their duty to protect their children.
  8. learn more about LR-120
    LR-121 (HB 638) (Status current as of 8/23/2012)
  1. Subject: Referendum to deny certain state services to illegal aliens.
  2. Type: Legislative Referendum
  3. Status: ON BALLOT. Legislature referred HB 638 to the 2012 General Election Ballot.
    LR-122 (SB 418) (Status current as of 8/23/2012)
  1. Subject: Referendum to prohibit the state or federal government from mandating the purchase of health insurance or imposing penalties for decisions related to purchasing health insurance.
  2. Type: Legislative Referendum
  3. Status: ON BALLOT. Legislature referred SB 418 to the 2012 General Election Ballot.
    IR-124 (Status current as of 8/23/2012)
  1. Legislative Update 10.12.12 - Marijuana in the Wild West
  2. Subject: Refer SB 423 to the voters of Montana.
  3. Sponsor: John Masterson, Montana Cannabis Industry Association
  4. Type: Initiative Referendum
  5. Received by SOS: May 12, 2011
  6. Status: ON BALLOT.
  7. Total signatures received and tallied by SOS (final):
    5% qualification to appear on the 2012 ballot:
    36,374 of 24,337 total signatures needed; qualified in 72 of 34 legislative districts needed.
    15% qualification to appear on the 2012 ballot and to suspend the law: Qualified in 3 of 51 legislative districts needed (need 15% in each of at least 51 legislative districts).
    I-166 (Status current as of 8/23/2012)
  1. Subject: Charge Montana elected and appointed officials, state and federal, with implementing a policy that corporations are not human beings with constitutional rights.
  2. Sponsor: Jonathan Motl
  3. Type: Statutory initiative
  4. Received by SOS: February 28, 2012
  5. Status: ON BALLOT.
  6. Signatures received and tallied by SOS: 32,112 of 24,337 total signatures needed; qualified in 61 of 34 legislative districts needed.